LSU defensive end Jarell Cherry is not messing around when it comes to getting prepared for the season. The 6-foot-3, 264-pound athlete has been carrying bricks in his backpack.

After redshirting last year and being listed at 224 pounds as an outside linebacker by 247Sports, he decided to find a unique way to get stronger in order to make an impact on the field. 

The team noticed his unusual workout tactic after conditioning coordinator Jake Riedel had a difficult time lifting Cherry's backpack in the weight room. Riedel tried and tried, but could not get Cherry's backpack to budge, so he dragged it across the floor.

After returning from his run, Cherry walked over to his bag and lifted it without a problem. Riedel had to get to the bottom of why he was carrying around something so heavy.

From The Advocate:

Riedel asked Cherry: Hey, why is your bag so heavy? What classes are you taking?

Cherry was confused: What's up coach?

Riedel: What classes are you taking? I tried to lift your bag and it was heavy. What kind of textbooks you got in there?

Cherry laughed: No, Coach. I got bricks in there.

"Jarell's carrying bricks every day to school in his backpack," Fehoko said. "He's crazy, man."

Carrying the bricks, paired with his normal workout regimen, has made Cherry "strong as a rock," according to Fehoko. His noticeable change has allowed him to move from the outside linebacker position to defensive end.  

LSU's 2019 season begins on August 31 at home against Georgia Southern.