Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson is expected to be granted a transfer waiver to become eligible immediately pending a change in Ole Miss' stance on his appeal, multiple sources tell CBS Sports.

It is expected that Ole Miss will change the language in its response to the NCAA regarding Patterson's appeal. The Rebels could move from objecting to the transfer to simply not opposing it. Another option for Ole Miss would be to support the waiver, which it has not done at this time.

"The only reason Ole Miss [will sign] off is because [Patterson's attorney Tom Mars] forced them to stop the fight," a source in Michigan's camp said. "If Ole Miss is dumb enough to not sign this thing, if they've felt the full force of Tom Mars thus far, it's going to be six fold for the plaintiffs."

Mars still is in the process of processing the transfer appeals of five other Ole Miss players. The resolution of the Patterson case could expedite those cases.

 "At this point we don't want to say anything; we don't want to jeopardize anything," Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork said when contacted by CBS Sports.

In granting the waiver, the NCAA could cite "mitigating factors" in the best interests of the player, sources said. CBS Sports reported earlier this month that Ole Miss objected with Patterson's assessment that he had been misled by the school and former coach Hugh Freeze.

Such an agreement would basically allow Patterson to gain his eligibility in exchange for removing language from his appeal there was "egregious behavior" by Ole Miss. CBS Sports was able to obtain Patterson's nine-page filing to the NCAA.

For now, this latest development would essentially allows both parties to walk away without animus.

"Shea has to release his appeal of the egregious conduct in exchange for Ole Miss making him immediately eligible," said a source intimately involved in the case.

None of the sources who spoke to CBS Sports had seen final paperwork on the waiver. The Detroit News reported Thursday that Patterson would be granted immediate eligibility and be able to play this fall.